I am Talha Yousaf. My nick is Shari (as my family knows me).

I was born on Sep 04, 1983.

I love swimming, water polo and sailing.


6 Responses to Me

  1. Umar says:

    hi talha bhai…kia baat hay aap nay blog bhee bana lee hay?? aur kia chal raha hay…r u in kamra now days???

  2. jugnoo says:

    Nice to meet you talha, what is your job? by the way

  3. Shari says:

    *Umer Bhai
    Thank you yar Aur GIK fit hay? 🙂
    Yes me in Kamra.

    Nice to meet you too. 🙂

  4. jugnoo says:

    Well nice to know that you are in **** 🙂 Pakistan main kabhi bhi app ke help ke zaroorat par sakti hai. Lolz 😉
    I am in Kuwait & i am working here as an Accountant. I will keep praying for you my brother.

  5. jugnoo says:

    by the way i am running another blog. Jis ko main zayada attention deta hoon & that is

  6. Shari says:


    Copied that 🙂

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