Revival …………. is it?

After being absent for years I thought why? Why am I not blogging? Why am I not giving time to things I love? Why? After thinking for couple of months i thought what ever the case may be i do have to enjoy my life. Running in circles does not solve problems but ; what does; is taking out time to live. Is that my revival? hmmm what is my revival? what ever the case may be but I am back and I am hoping to stay.



6 Responses to Revival …………. is it?

  1. asma saleem says:

    nice to know you are back:)…seems a lot of thoughts….rather optimistic thoughts running in ur mind .. and as i see it from your post you have already jumped out of the circle:)

  2. Shari says:

    Really!! if you say so 😀

  3. Daud Khan says:

    Welcome , IT is good

  4. Interesting. It scares me to ponder how many of these dear children there are and we never see their pain until they are on the national news having Click

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