Lower Topa my love

well well well i am back from my visit to lower topa my love and here we go ……………

Its time for you all to see this wonderful beauty


Awesome beauty Isn’t it?????

Lush Green : I’m loving it

Now who was saying that Murre has lost her beauty, Its still wonderful but yes this picture is not of Maal road!!!!!

And THE MASTER PIECE, Killing weather, yar this is simply cool.

I guess after watching these pictures everyone of you will change your mind and say with me MURREE still is HEAVEN


10 Responses to Lower Topa my love

  1. Awesome…really nice pictures. This place seems to be part of the heaven.

  2. Shari says:

    *Sajid Iqbal

    Thanks buddy for supporting my point of view.

  3. Rahul Sharma says:

    We are planning to visit Pakistan in December, InshaAllah.

    Shall meet you guys there!

    Hopefully we shall be able to “do” this one, after a long long time.

    It has been 4 years that I went a-visiting some distant place.

    Shall keep you posted.


  4. UTP says:

    wah…reminds me of the good old university days where I was lucky enough to go around pretty much the whole of the northern beautiful areas…

  5. Mansoor Anwar says:

    I have lived in Lower Topa for 07 years but I don’t remember this place…However its really cool and nostalgic.

  6. djdesi says:

    As fasr as I can remember only the last picture is from Lower Topa, the others can be of Upper Topa, but yet again I am not too sure like Mansoor. I have studied in PAF Lower Topa for almost 5 years… with great memories.



  7. saad says:

    taha bhai iam also part of this school and i will join it on the coming thursdaY

  8. Shari says:

    Nice Saad

    Best of luck

  9. yasir says:

    Oh hoo,these picture reminisce me my 10 years pleasent memories in P A F LOWER TOPA School .that was my golden period of my life.

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