Me planning to go to Heaven of MURREE

I am planing to go to Heaven of MURREE on this week end with my family. Yar i am so exited about it. I just love Muree its just wonderful.

Just thinking about going to murree is making me exited and I am visulizing that how much murree would have been changed form when i use to study there in PAF College Lower Topa.

My love (MURREE) , i am coming to you.



6 Responses to Me planning to go to Heaven of MURREE

  1. hira khan says:

    i have bn to murree like loads of timz …its really beautiful and every thing…but recently it has turned more like a city…and i think would soon looz its beauti…

  2. Shari says:

    *Hira Khan

    I think you should go around other place but mall. Like lower topa, kalabagh, Kashmir Piont Pindi point.

    so what do you say

  3. @sm@ says:

    talha, murree’s no longer a heaven – it used to be ages back but definitely not now … 😐

    Par abb tu tum ho bhi aayay ho gay – so hoping was good enough 🙂

  4. @sm@ says:

    ps; I liked this badge of urs – obviously it’d be yours part of uniform – i want one for my name too :*)

  5. Shari says:


    Murree is not only maal road of which i agree is not very cool place to visit but you can visit other places like lower topa, kalabagh and enjoy natural beauty. I would soon be uploading the pics of those placed and i bet you’ll love them

    As far as name tage is concern you can go to Polular or new Army store in Sadr Rawalpindi and get them for about Rs 50 to 100

  6. @sm@ says:

    True … the larger muree you’re talking about 🙂

    Then it’s fine … but still the “dirt of new era” seems to have reached everywhere …!

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