Another Day Of Being Silly

Well well well

I woke up at about 0600hrs in the morning got ready for going to job. Van came to collect us ( me and my room mate ) for going to job . We both boarded it and went on when we reached the home of one of our senior ,

He broke the bomb.”Hey Talha arn’t you on Afternoon today?”

Puff , I replied “Ah…… Sir i didn’t checked that.”

He told me “OK then we can go to job and then you check out the schedule and do accordingly”

I replied , “Right Sir.”

Then we went on to our work place and i first tried to find out schedule for one other colleague but he was also not in knowledge so i went on to office were duplicate of schedule was present so i check out and hell yeah i was in after noon . I took vehicle and came back only to go to job after some hours and i destroyed my afternoon job enjoyment i-e waking up late and that too because yesterday i didn’t do a single call to ask timing to my duty.



8 Responses to Another Day Of Being Silly

  1. jugnoo says:

    Lolz, Khoye ho tum kahan? 😉
    Another lesson in a very short time.
    Be active brother 😀

  2. Gul says:

    awww……!!! well i really didnt got ur point in that post as i’m quiet new visitor here but i can guess and smell the poor happening. I know afternoon jobs sucks 😦

  3. Shari says:



    No prob you will get to know better keep visiting

  4. Rahul Sharma says:

    I leave home at 5 PM and get back by about 7 AM.

    That sure beats all!


  5. Asad says:

    Ahh…. Talha… Nothing bad as that……

  6. esSJee says:

    need ur help at my blog

  7. Asma says:

    Oye hoyee … those few moments of good sleep … that you cant get after fully waking up – you missed that … tsk tsk tsk 😛

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