Rains are blessing but sometime ……… they cause problems don’t they?????

Rains spell hit Kamra and all over the country and winter is back with a bash. And i WAS too happy to welcome it back. Earlier I thought that my all winter clothes were done for this year but gosh they have time 🙂 so pack in my winter clothes i was enjoying to most , went to my home on week end , and i was sitting in a cozy room then suddenly I was given a breaking news that our car has stopped in the middle of road near our home but not so near.

It was about 1230pm and it was raining that night (yesterday night or should i say today because 12 was stuck by clock arms). I stupidly went out to try to get my car working though I am poor in cars knowledge but put it a side I didn’t confirm where car was standing and went to other road till I reached a round about where that road ends (remember that I am on foot and that too without umberalla) So my clothes were totally wet by then but foolish me i still didn’t ring home ( I was having cell) to confirm the location and still went on wrong road after a while i realized that car is not even here but i was on the height of stupidity yesterday that i again went on that round about road to find out again that car isn’t here time was about 1:00am by then and i rang up home to ask for the location of car then cursing my self i went on that road to find that car was parked in front of tennis courts. pressed the clicker open the car and try to start it and as i was thinking that it will start by car was not responding to sulf and giving out sound like “grgrgrgrgr trtrtrtrtr ” and nothing happening. i went out open engine cover like and expert but when i opened i found my self in strange world and i had no clue what so ever that what should i be checking so looking here and there in engine and putting my hand over almost all of the parts and doing nothing then i closed it and went on driving seat to start car and failed again 😦 .

Hmmm then i gave up on trying to start car and try to push it too our home. So i opened the window on the side of driving seat and started pushing it. Time was 1:45 then . So pushing then resting ,pushing and resting i at last reached home but problem how can i get my car on drive way in front of my home as i was little high but after 15 min of trying i at last succeeded and parked ca in garage. Totally wet and exhausted i went in side home and directly to wash room to take shower at about 2:30am .

So praying for rain to get winter back , i got winter back to get all revenge from me for calling it back 🙂 .

1) Learn about car
2) Call someone for help if not able to handle situation
3) Get full information about work before going to do that and never go around stupidly not knowing where to go and what to do.

So i was so tried after that , i didn’t woke up till 12 in the morning or should i say afternoon today ( I know to day is monday But i had a off today 🙂 ) Waking up then and realizing that because i sleep more and i missed my bank appointment more over only three hours left before i would leave for Kamra as tomorrow i have to go for job .

So back in Kamra writing blog before going to sleep and remembering my stupidity of yesterday 🙂 i say



7 Responses to Rains are blessing but sometime ……… they cause problems don’t they?????

  1. Asma says:

    Lolz … der ayad durust ayad 😛

    ut you are rite … no matter how bad you were feeling in those moments … you’ll remember them forever 🙂

  2. GH says:

    And if you won’t learn these lessons, rest assured, you will have many of these rememberable moments ahead in you life again n again 🙂

    Nice blog!

  3. jugnoo says:

    Lolz…. 😀
    well the best thing in this happening is that you have learnt a lesson by urself which will help you handeling any situation.
    Have a good time at Kamra! 😉

  4. Rahul Sharma says:

    Await my RAIN post! Not as good as yours, but pretty adventurous!

  5. Shari says:

    yep i can’t stop laughing thinking about that day.

    I’ll try to learn them. Thanks for liking my Blog

    Thanks 🙂

    I am waiting for that post. 🙂

  6. esSJee says:

    🙂 that is how we learn…

  7. uXuf says:

    The best thing that happened in all of it, is that you learnt something. Had this whole thing happened and you hadn’t learnt anything out of it, then it would’ve been in vain, and all of it would have been another stupidity in the rain.


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