Round and Round and Round………………Life in Circles

Well well ……….. now a days life is really spinning me, going so fast that i only spend a day counting that one more gone. Really; going for job coming back and then again going for job Days are coming and going with the speed of light.

In this fast life there are brief moments of joy and i missed one of them today and feeling little bad in heart to miss it. It happened like that , i went out of my room for an urgent piece of work ( as we used to write it in the application to get leave from school ), Guess what i missed , my family came to see me as they were preceding to Islamabad and Guess what else …………….. not finding me in my room they just went ahead without meeting me 😦 .

Hmmm……… out in this circular life sometimes this life take a shape of a square when the mood of the boss is not in its best of conduct , luckily or unluckily that was also today. So you must be thinking what all happen in this kind of day , Firstly we all try not to show our faces to him because who so ever goes in front of him looses his pride and come back with a pale face and shaky steps. But I got luck in this unlucky day as i was successful in not coming in front of him 🙂

Before going to sleep i am assuring myself that all that happens , it happens for good. And now i am approaching the best thing of a day here in this busy routine “S-L-E-E-P” . So hold tight , here i come take care. :p


7 Responses to Round and Round and Round………………Life in Circles

  1. Rahul Sharma says:

    Too Mixed emotions to comment coherently!

  2. jugnoo says:

    Salam bhai jan, sorry that you could not meet your family but yes jo b hota hai achay ke liye he hota hai. So give me a big smile 😀
    yahan b yeh haal hai. app dino ke baat kar rahe ho yahan pata he nahi chalta k kab friday guzra aur kab agla friday aya.

  3. Asad says:

    Hmm… So finally it seems like life is not going to be ease at all…

    I need to gear up too I think.

  4. Shari says:

    hmm… you are right i guess

    Right time now a days fly away like anything. here my smile 🙂

    Not yet enjoy to most till you can 🙂

  5. Asma says:

    Ahhh that sounds bad … specially when u r away … just the thought that missed bew fewminutes is bad …. but it happens … c’est la vie :>

    Enjoy sleeeping !

  6. Hawwa says:

    happens…sometimes we miss the most valued thing..and sometime…we just meet em around the corner

  7. Shari says:


    yep i enjoyed sleeping that day 🙂


    yes life is not that pretty i guess.

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