Rain here : Winter is back ???

Yesterday evening it stared to rain here at about 5pm and then suddenly my room was ice cold. i rushed to my heater sat in front of it to feel warmth. I again didn’t went for dinner because of raining and cold out there. In the morning today sky was cloudy but then sun had other plans , as day become sunny so cold weather disappeared so i am again in my room after coming from job and heater is off.

Its only February and days are becoming hotter and hotter i wish this season give one more spell of cold (at least) so that i could wear my warm clothing for once more at-least. 🙂


3 Responses to Rain here : Winter is back ???

  1. jugnoo says:

    yahan Kuwait main b yehi haal hai. februaruy ke start mein he garmi shuru hai. Is dafa garmi se bura haal hona hai 😦

  2. Shari says:

    You are right yar. I am already planing to install Air Conditioner in my room 🙂

  3. Asma says:

    Ohh I just so much love winters that I’m praying almost every living moment for GOOD rains … hope so … inshah allah!

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