My First Accident on Motor Bike

Today i was is Islamabad. At about 1400 Hrs we ( myself in rear seat and my friend Umer rizvi driving bike) about cross a signal. Then Umer saw a policeman; as he was not wearing helmet so we kept bike behind front car to stay out of policeman sight but we had to come in his sight 🙂 .

Suddenly there was water on the road and bike slipped then …………………………….  BANG !!!!!!!! i was on ground with right knee first then on my back . But thanks , many many many thanks to ALLAH ALMIGHTY that my self and Umer was totally saved. i still have little pain in my right knee and back. As i had recited the prayer of mounting vehicle  so i was totally confident that myself and vehicle will be saved and my belief was stenthend today as i was saved by ALLAH ALMIGHTY from what could have been a deadly accident.


1. Always recite Duwa for riding transport

2. Wear helmet 🙂


7 Responses to My First Accident on Motor Bike

  1. Qadeer Ahmad says:

    Well I have fallen on the road twice, I am the winner

  2. Asma says:

    Ouch … ! Worthy lessons … hope you’ll remember them too … well Allah affirms your faith through all such small mishaps … I personally feel whenever something is lost and I recite Innah lillah e wa inna alyhe rajeyoon, I get to the thing within few moments , always 🙂

    Stay affirm!

  3. Rahul Sharma says:

    My fall count is 5. I am the winner as of now. I have a collection of banged up helmets that have been Gracefully and respectfully decommissioned! Thrice I was saved by the Helmet…

    Take GOOD care in future. Most of the accidents are due to fools that are let loose on the roads…


  4. tanzilla says:

    good to know that u guys were ok!

  5. Dr. says:

    we used to live in Cantt in Karachi..helmet was a must there…. they people who used to come to cantt used to keep some Tarbooooz (water mellon) type helmets with them …ones like the workers of some construction company wears…it was so funny…
    do some sadqa too….

  6. Harris says:

    police investigation…. the fear of the unseen…..

    lucky guys.

  7. Shari says:

    Rahul has fallen more then you. 🙂

    Thanks , Inshallah I’ll try to stay firm.

    Yes if falling down is criteria you are on top till yet. 🙂

    Thank You.

    🙂 . Thanks I’ll inshallah do.

    No buddy not fear of unseen or police investigation but fear of fine. 🙂

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