Alone in Island

Today Holiday is starting and all the rooms in my Building are empty, everyone has gone for the Holidays; and right now i feel like i am alone is Island. Amazingly i am even not able to find my batman and it look like that these will be my most boring holiday because i won’t be having them instead i’ll be on job here 😦

But the bright side is that i might get compensation for these after wards but its also fully possible that i might now get any offs at all. Ah……….. Errrr…………….  what else i do have a lot of time to write  because i have no one else to talk here but i just don’t know what else to write…………………….. i guess that would be all. 🙂


6 Responses to Alone in Island

  1. Dr. says:

    🙂 it seems someone else is living on an island…

    i always have my duties on holidays… i did em on eids…on all public holidays…and now on Ashooora… 🙂

    so be happy …write mesage and send via sea, in a bottle…

  2. Shari says:

    Here it comes in a bottle

    so i have a Doc to take care of my health in this island, hi doc 🙂

  3. Asma says:

    Ahh … Thanksfully I’m enjoying the LONG WEEKEND … isn’t it a blessing (for some – obviously) 😛

    If You’ve PC then whats the trouble … Enjoy the loneliness :>

  4. jugnoo says:

    Yahan b yehi haal hai. chahe eid hai ya Ashoor, i have to come to my office. Americans ke saath kaam karna b saza k mutradif hai. 😉
    Computer par busy ho jao, time kab guzar jae ga pata he nahi chale ga. 😀

  5. asad says:

    Log on Talha! Get online! Thats the best way to do it!

    We got two off days. But still, no home.

  6. Shari says:

    🙂 enjoy your long week end

    Americans ………………. I think……………… they should respect our holidays

    After going to job on 7am coming back at 5pm getting online right now, i feel quite dizzy but still i am online because tomorrow job time at morning is 9am but then pack up is at 7:30 pm. I guess i will be quite tried tomorrow so enjoying to be online today. 🙂

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