Week End At Home Is So Much Fun : But Why It Always Ends In A Run

Yesterday i went to home for weekend. Hmm it was too good to see Family.

 Everything back home was wonderfull. And my dear Rabits were doing great. They are now quite big and growing up fast. Seening then jumping here and there runing around in lawns its soo cool.

Alas ! why all good things have to end so early. Hmmmmm …….. weekend is over and i am back here writing blog and missing all fun. But that is how it has to be .

Concluding ………..  Why weekends passes so quickly


3 Responses to Week End At Home Is So Much Fun : But Why It Always Ends In A Run

  1. asad says:

    Yaar Talha you have rabbits???

    Damnit yaar. You never told me. They are so cute yaar. They are really so cute. I am a big big animal lover. Can you pleas take their photos? Upload them here yaar. I’d love to see them!!

    But do protect them from those cats in BDBR. They swarm in large numbers over there, you know it.

  2. Asma says:

    Aaah rabbbits — they’re so cute …. I hate cats dogs stuff but rabbits are so cuddly (only from a distance) 🙂

  3. Shari says:

    Sure yar when ever i go back Badaber i’ll get their Pic and post it here. And cats are mostly well feed here so they are not borthered about rabbits but still we try to keep an eye on them.

    Yep they are cute and they even look cute when we are holding then 🙂

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