End of Third Consective Hectic Day

January 31, 2007

While all over Pakistan people were having holidays i was here on duty and not only on duty but extra duty from 7am in morning to 8pm in evening Because of this Hectic routine right now i am on my breaking point . Uffffffffff………………….. my head is aching like anything and i am in search of long sleep but what a luck, i have to go for job tomorrow too.

So no more anything today. Sleep here i come hoping for a better day tomorrow. 🙂


Alone in Island

January 27, 2007

Today Holiday is starting and all the rooms in my Building are empty, everyone has gone for the Holidays; and right now i feel like i am alone is Island. Amazingly i am even not able to find my batman and it look like that these will be my most boring holiday because i won’t be having them instead i’ll be on job here 😦

But the bright side is that i might get compensation for these after wards but its also fully possible that i might now get any offs at all. Ah……….. Errrr…………….  what else i do have a lot of time to write  because i have no one else to talk here but i just don’t know what else to write…………………….. i guess that would be all. 🙂

NO Room service for Dinner : Shorkot I miss you

January 25, 2007

Well well couple of days back it was -3 degree centigrade temperature and wow …………….. no dinner in room , i had to got to dinning hall for having my dinner. While climbing little mountine on which dinning hall is situated i frozed to death. I hate to go out for dinner, i guess i might reduce weight here in Kamra because i just can’t go to dinning hall three times a day, daily.

Oh my dear Shorkot ( i hated that place while i lived there) i just can’t stop missing you. Best thing i loved about you was i was getting my food in my room.

Hey Asad enjoy man , you are having time of you life there. Well apart from study routine 🙂 .

So having your food in you cozy rooms or homes is fun and i am missing all the action.

Week End At Home Is So Much Fun : But Why It Always Ends In A Run

January 21, 2007

Yesterday i went to home for weekend. Hmm it was too good to see Family.

 Everything back home was wonderfull. And my dear Rabits were doing great. They are now quite big and growing up fast. Seening then jumping here and there runing around in lawns its soo cool.

Alas ! why all good things have to end so early. Hmmmmm …….. weekend is over and i am back here writing blog and missing all fun. But that is how it has to be .

Concluding ………..  Why weekends passes so quickly

SAUDI PAK BANK : “I hate you”

January 18, 2007

Right now i don’t have even a rupee in my pocket thanks to Saudi Pak Bank . I called at their Help Line and heard a breaking news

Sir your balance is Rs -27  ; thats means i have to give Rs 27  to the bank Oh my ALLAH.

 And you know what my ATM card (Power Card as they call it) was  not working at all i was only able to withdraw Rs500 on 15 of this month and they are saying i withdrew rest of Rs 6000 on 16 of this month. What the hell how can i withdraw mony if the Booldy ATM card is not working . Further more they are saying that balance is in minus because after withdrawing money i checked balance : how can i see the balance if the card is giving message that UNKNOWN TRANSICTION .

 Now they say that i have to come to Peshawar to that Branch fill up the Forms and then after 2 weeks i might get my money back. But what the hell i don’t have money to go to Peshawar.  

I did tried to get Rs 6000 out of ATM but all i could get to see was Unkonwn Transiction.


I Got Ops Today : Congrats Talha مبارک ہو

January 9, 2007

Well well well ……………………..

I was having on job test today to get operational and what???????????????

 I did it man from now i am on active duty.  yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooo………………..

thats mean…… well in reallity thats mean that i am now fully on duty and will be entering in shifts . Is it cool? well i my self don’t know lets hope its cool.

 hay everyone  atleast say congrats to me.

Life at Kamra

January 4, 2007

Well life at kamra is cool. i am enjoying every bit of it. Well i wake up at around 0645 am , then work start at 0730. at 1350 work end . Then whole day is free. Ahh……………… But not for long as work load will be mor4e as time passes and i’ll be in shifts that means some time i would be in morning other time i’ll be in evening or night.

So enjoyment of my life is comming to end and i’ll be quite buzy . Hmmm……………… but that is life.

Anyway Kamra is beautiful place. and i’m loving it.